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/Unable to deactivate or delete CloudFront distribution/

Unable to deactivate or delete CloudFront distribution


Hi all, I'm unable to deactivate or delete my CloudFront distribution E1XUE4O3VI6AN2. I receive a "Failed: Access Denied" message. Can someone from AWS please take a look?

1 Answers

"Access Denied" usually means that you don't have permissions to perform that operation so it's worth checking your IAM permissions.

If you are still having difficulties, please raise a support ticket: here on re:Post we don't have access to your account details (nor should you share them - this is a public forum) but the support team does and can assist.

answered 2 months ago
  • I'm using my root account. Support directed me to this forum under case 9866098341. I use AWS in my business and have full business support there however this is my personal account.

  • In that case (you're using the root account) there seems to be something astray in the service. The support team are looking into it so I'll let them handle it.

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