Storage getting full with transaction logs


We have RDS MS SQL with latest version. Our storage is getting full with transaction logs every time I increase storage it keep getting full with logs. How this can be overcome.

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Have you considered storage autoscaling feature. Transaction logs are critical for recovery.

I'd suggest you to check Managing capacity automatically with Amazon RDS storage autoscaling and see if this helps in your case.

Here is a related re:Post thread.

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answered 6 months ago
  • Yes, autoscaling is already been enabled. However, even transactions logs are important how we can manage it by keeping logs safely manner, by making enough space for db.

  • Have you enabled transaction log backup copy?

  • Please refer these:

    Also, I'm curious, if you are seeing any issue with Storage Auto Scaling, I've included a thread in my answer which talks about that.

  • There is no problem with autoscaling. Does that imply that if I back up logs to an S3 bucket, transaction logs will be cleared fron db storage? Is this what you mean to say here?


Here use s3 bucket to store logs and then monitor it, you can use lambda function to store logs into s3 bucket

answered 6 months ago
  • Can you share steps also will it be cleared logs from rds?

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