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RDS Query Editor Catch 22 - prevents me from doing anything at all


I can't use the query editor anymore. It worked around 18 months ago when I created a PostgreSQL DB.

When I try to use it now, I see this: "Currently, query editor only supports Aurora Serverless databases."

And this: "To use the query editor for a database, the database must have the Data API enabled."

When I try to enable the data API I see this: "Currently, you can't use the Data API with Aurora Serverless v2 DB instances."

When I try to create a database the only option I have is for Serverless v2.

How can I do anything with an AWS database?

Are there external tools that can be used to run SQL against the DB? Of course these will need to work without me configuring any users on the database because that would require running SQL in a query tool.

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To provision the Aurora Serverless v1 you need to first select a compatible DB engine version: 2.07.1, 5.6.10a for MySQL or 10.12, 10.14, 10.18 for Postgres.

If you select one of these, the Serverless v1 will appear as possible instance class.

To answer your other question: you can connect to any of the RDS databases using external tools like for example DBeaver

answered 14 days ago
  • Aha, ok, thanks. I only started AWS a few days ago and there's a lot to take in... Thank you for both answers. "" looks perfect for my needs.

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