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/Encrypted VPN Connectivity from VMC on AWS SDDC to On-Premise DC/

Encrypted VPN Connectivity from VMC on AWS SDDC to On-Premise DC


Dear Team, I have the following setup requirements between VMware on AWS SDDC and on-Premise DC.

  1. Need an encrypted VPN Solution between SDDC and On-Premise DC.
  2. Need an Encrypted VPN Solution between SideCar VPC and On-Premise DC.
  3. We have direct connect setup between DC and AWS.
  4. Protected firewall sitting behind the edge device in on-Premise DC , encrypted VPN setup on DX need two set of public. Firewall sitting behind edge devise VPN connectivity but that firewall could not configured with public ip. The last hop where the public ip could be configured is the edge devise on the customer site.

As per my understanding, I can use the public VIF on direct connect to setup the encrypted VPN connection between the client edge devise and AWS router. But the problem statement in this case is

  1. How to setup the encrypted VPN solution for both SDDC and sidecar VPC? Can we route the traffic from SDDC to VTGW to TGW(of the sidecar account) and then leverage public VIF to setup encrypted VPN from TGW to customer edge devise?
  2. Do we need the DX gateway to setup the encrypted VPN connectivity?
  3. Encrypted VPN on DX would need to set of public IPS. What if the customer firewall is not having the option to configure the public IP for encrypted VPN ?
  4. Can I use the DX setup in one OU to create the public VIF for another account in separate OU. This is required because I am looking to create the encrypted VPN connection from two OUs to the DC.

Please advise with your comments or if there is any reference architecture available with VMC/AWS.

Many Thanks Rio

1 Answers

Hi Rio,

This is the reference architecture for VMC on AWS:

VMware Cloud on AWS – Networking Reference Architectures

Hope this helps

answered a month ago

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