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/I don't know what item is consuming all the time/

I don't know what item is consuming all the time


Hi, I have terminated all EC2s, but my estimated cost has been increasing every day, please help me check what the daily consumption items of my account are, can you help me close all consumption items

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You can go to your account and click bills which will show you the resources you used, the duration and the associated costs. You can also check cost explorer and click monthly or daily view. Hope this helps. Please ignore if you already did this.

(Each cost explorer api request charges you $0.01)

answered 2 months ago
  • Cost Explorer in the console does not have a fee unless you enable hourly and resource granularity. The fee of $0.01 is only if you are using the Cost Explorer API (collecting the data externally) and not for use of Cost Explorer in the console.

  • Thanks Shlomo


Hello @AWS-User-7455763 We'll be working to answer your question on the AWS Supports You show on on April 4th. tune in to learn more about how to see charges leveraging AWS Cost Explorer.

answered 2 months ago


I understand the concern that an unknown charge can cause and want to help have this resolved! As a good 1st step, check out this AWS Knowledge Center article, which has has proven helpful in locating and confirming the reasons for unknown charges:

If you're still confused about your billing, not to worry! As this is a great query to dig into with our Account & Billing Support team! You can reach out for guidance by opening a case from the Support Center,here:

I trust this will help to have this addressed!

answered 2 months ago

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