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I have an AWS lightsail instance and now I can access to my website via domain and static IP address. I want to disable access to my website via IP address and keep access via domain name. Please, could you help me how can I do that?

Thanks in Advance

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Edit: Corrected the answer so that it actually makes sense.

When a HTTP/HTTPS request is made to your web server, one of the headers passed is Host. If someone is using a browser and types http://www.example.com/ then you'll see www.example.com in the Host header. If they type then you'll see

So what you can do is configure your web server only to serve up your website when the Host header is your domain name. What you'd also generally do is configure it to serve a static page (which could be blank, it could show an error, it could be any HTML) for people accessing the web server with any other hostname.

It depends on which web server software you're using, but for example: with Apache you'd configured this using the VirtualHost directive.

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answered 3 months ago

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