Route 53 configuration issue


I purchased a domain in .click. I configured an EC2 instance with a html page and started httpd.

I am able to access the html using the public ip of EC2 instance.

I created A record in Route 53 for my .click domain under pubic hosted zone and pointed it to EC2 instance. But the html page is not accessible using the domain name.

I tested the nslookup and dig using cloudshell. But getting error like "server cant find NXDOMAIN"

What I'm doing wrong. Kindly assist.

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Once registered a Domain in R53 you need to check the status of the domain if it is active or nor, Please check docs to check the Domain status , Once you see the Domain Is ACTIVE, test again.

Also check this Knowledge center article for additional troubleshooting steps.

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answered 2 years ago

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