Is it possible to have a team folder on Workdocs?


To avoid to impact on personal account space, does exist a possibility to have a team folder where all the team can add info and assets? I remember that you are developing this feature.

What I mean as "team folder": A workdocs folder, managed by the team lead but not part of single users accounts (employee account). If we start using our personal space to store team resources this impact on our personal space availability.

Thanks, D.

  • Were you able to find a solution yet? I am in a similar situation.

  • Is it possible to ask an update on this topic? @NIRUPAM_d

    many thanks in advance.

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To create a team WorkDocs folder, follow the steps found at Amazon WorkDocs: Creating folders. See To create a team folder.

While there is no way to have a folder owned by multiple individuals, thereby splitting up the amount of storage to each user's account, there is a simple pricing structure for a single account that goes over 1TB of storage in a month. By limiting who creates team folders, you can effectively restrict the additional charges you'd see in a month to a single user.

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  • Thanks for your prompt answer @bri N - AWS.

    In case of Internal team is the price included or is the count will arrive to my manager? I'm part of the Amazon Ads org and the WD account is a standard tool and space for all blue badges.

    I like the idea to have a single individual within the team that work as "team folder". I'm try to better understand if there are extra charges and who will pay the price for extra storage.

    many thanks for providing these extra info.



Thanks for reaching out to AWS re:Post - I stumbled upon this unanswered query and wanted to share my thoughts on this->

[] Sharing files and folders -

[] Sharing - Share a link -

Hope the above links help in your project - Thanks

answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks for answering me. Resources mentioned were very helpful, thanks.

    We are looking for something different or how to increase the storage space of one account and use it to store all teams assets and files.



Hi @NIRUPAM_d could we have an update on this topic. This question is becaming recurrent within my team at WW level.

Thanks. D.

answered a year ago
  • Hi @NIRUPAM_d could we have an update on this topic. This question is becaming recurrent within my team at WW level.

    Thanks. D.


Hi AWS team @NIRUPAM_d May I ask you if there is any update on this "team folder" feature?

Thanks a lot for the support in advance, D.

answered a year ago

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