Emails sent from AWS SES landing into Promotions Tab


Hello, As we deployed Amazon SES- we tested and discovered that all of our emails are landing into promotional box of users. All the emails we send are related to sign up process. if that goes into promotions, our sign up rate is going to drop significantly.

Could anyone please tell me how we can overcome this issue? Previously we were using Titan Mail, all of our emails were going to primary box. But as we deployed SES, it's landing into promotions. Even the test emails (with no links, images)

Please leave a solution that will help in solving this issue.

Thanks Ayush Mittal

  • Send a message through SES to the ephemeral address generated at and review the test results for analysis.

  • @mdibella Thanks for reply i reviewed the test results its 9.9 out of 10 but still its going into spam!

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Hi! Good question.

Check out AWS's guide here: for some times to help ensure SES emails are getting sent to the proper folder and not getting marked as spam or promotions.

There are also best practices here:

Hope those help!

answered 2 years ago

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