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Upgrade RDS Postgres engine from 9.6.11 to 10.6 - Migrate to Aurora


I created an instance from snapshot restore in Frankfurt region running on postgres db engine version 9.6.11-R1.
Next, from instance's modification I selected to upgrade to engine 10.6 and applied immediately.
The upgrade fails, and on cloudwatch upgrade events, I read the following:
There were problems executing ""/rdsdbbin/postgres/bin/pg_restore" --host /rdsdbdata/log/upgrade --port 8193 --username ****** --exit-on-error --verbose --dbname 'dbname='"'"'*****'"'"'' "pg_upgrade_dump_16400.custom" >> "pg_upgrade_dump_16400.log" 2>&1"
Consult the last few lines of "pg_upgrade_dump_16400.log" for
the probable cause of the failure.
I cannot find where this log file is and therefore cannot troubleshoot/finish the upgrade process.
The reason behind this action, is that I need to migrate this instance to Aurora and after experimenting I discovered that 9.6.11 does not support upgrading to Aurora but 10.6 offers this option with migration from snapshot and replica. These options are not visible in the options for 9.6.11.
Please advise for either solutions.
Thank you,

asked 3 years ago38 views
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We've encountered same issue lately. Looks like those logs aren't available in RDS console (I'm not sure why?) but you can get those from RDS API (for 14 days).

E.g. using CLI:

aws rds describe-events --source-identifier <yourdatabaseidentifierhere> --source-type db-instance --duration 6720
answered 3 years ago

Hi kruczjak-boostcom,
You 've been very helpful! Thank you so much!
By reading the events, we found indexes that were incompatible and had to be dropped in order for the upgrade to finish.
Thanks a lot once again!

answered 3 years ago

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