Retrieve or store AWS Step function Execution history older than 90 days.


I can see step function history wipes out after 90 days as per documentation.
But due to nature of user information and analysis for production support, i want execution history to be retrieved older than 90 days.
Is this provided by aws, or do we have to make provision out of the box to store it some where explicitly. and if we do so, will we be able to get pictorial representation of the execution.

thanks in advance.

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Hi mongesh,

The 90 day retention period for execution history is a hard limit. If you want to preserve this for long term storage beyond 90 days, there are a few options:

  1. Call GetExecutionHistory after the execution completes and archive it in persistent storage. You can use CloudWatch/EventBridge events that Step Functions emits [1] to trigger a Lambda function, for example, to retrieve the execution history for the execution.
  2. Enable logging on your state machines to store the history in CloudWatch Logs [2]. Note that there is an additional cost for using CloudWatch Logs.

I hope that helps. I will pass a feature request to the team for being able to visualize the graph for an execution given an execution history.

1 -
2 -

answered 3 years ago

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