Unexpected VPC charges on my monthly bill


I have 2 EC2 instances created,

  1. t3a.micro
  2. t3a.medium

The 2nd instance is switched on/off by an API daily running on t3a.micro instance. I see unexpected 4.5$ charge with VPC as service. So I dive into the cost explorer and with "API Operation" as dimension I see 2 entries

  • AssociateAddressVPC - $ 2.82
  • AllocateAddressVPC - $ 1.69 Under "Usage type" dimension I see
  • APS3-PublicIPv4:InUseAddress - $ 2.82
  • APS3-PublicIPv4:IdleAddress - $ 1.69 I am using elastic IPs for both instances. But I don't remember it being this expensive!
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AWS started charging for public IPv4 in February.
Public IPv4 addresses are charged at $0.005 per hour.
It is unknown how long your EC2 has been in use, but if you owned ElasitcIP during February, it would not be strange for the fee to be around that amount.

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answered 2 months ago
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