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AWS WorkSpaces Windows Bundle choice


Hello, I'm looking to deploy WorkSpaces for my company. We primarily have two types of users, average office type and developers. The developers use Visual Studio, eclipse and or IntelliJ applications.

What would be the lowest recommended bundle type for these two user types?


asked 3 years ago71 views
2 Answers

Hello Kenny,

I have had a look at the Visual Studio 2019 System Requirements [1] and I believe that the best option for your developers is the "Performance" type while for the other users the "Value" or "Standard" type [2].

Having said that, if you are going to use the Windows bundle my suggestion is to start with testing the "Standard" type and increase or decrease the Compute Type later as per your needs [3].

Thank you,


answered 3 years ago

VasosAWS, Thanks for the reply. Will start testing.


answered 3 years ago

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