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We are using Amazon MQ (Apache MQ), along with STOMP to deliver content to our customers. We wish to keep the connection alive using heartbeats and on the client are setting incoming to 10s and outgoing to 10s, however we occasionally see heartbeat timeouts, I believe due to servers strict enforcement of timeouts.

For our local Apach MQ test server we can avoid this problem by setting "hbGracePeriodMultiplier=1.5" like so:

   <transportConnector name="stomp" uri="stomp://localhost:61613?transport.hbGracePeriodMultiplier=1.5"/>

See Active MQ documentation for Heatbeats: However on AWS MQ configuration for transportConnector (, there is no uri or relevant attribute listed.

Am I missing something - is anyone aware of a way to configure a heartbeat grace period on AWS MQ?

  • Good afternoon, this is setting can be changed but does require a a ticket logged with the support team. They will be able to make the change on your behalf.

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Thanks for reaching out. As RonnieR has mentioned, this can be changed with the assistance of the Support team. Please create a support case for the MQ service and our support engineers will work with you and the service team for this change.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks

answered 2 years ago

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