Need help understanding error when trying to configure database on Elastic beanstalk: Engine Version 5.6 not supported for mysql db


Configuration validation exception: Invalid option value: '5.6' (Namespace: 'aws:rds:dbinstance', OptionName: 'DBEngineVersion'): Engine Version 5.6 not supported for mysql db

This is the error I get when trying to configure a database in elastic beanstalk environment.

I'm not trying to use mysql 5.6, I want to use mysql 8.0.27

My environment is unable to connect to a mysql database so I tried to configure a mysql database at EbEnvName > Configuration > Database > Edit Upon load the page displays this error and I'm struggling to see what I can possibly do about it.

If there is another way I can configure my environment to connect to a mysql database that would also be helpfull.

Thank you.

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Hi there, did you manage to solve your issue? I'm experiencing the same.


answered 9 months ago

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