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Our infrastructure runs in multiple regions, and we have been using Cloudformation to create and make changes to the resources. I have one template but different variables. However, some regions have slight differences, so the template is slightly different. For example - us-east-1 has two target groups for one autoscaling group and one target group for two auto-scaling groups in us-west-1. I can add conditionals to handle it or keep the template region specific. I'm leaning towards a per-region template since it'll be easier to manage and read the code, but there will be some repetitive code. I'm wondering how you all use Cloudformation in this setting. Do you have a template per region or the same template but different variables?

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you have several options

first, you can use cloudformation template with conditions

or you can use multi-region template for cloud formation

but these options have too much limits

Another option would be using a configuration management tool like Terraform, which provides more flexibility and can manage multi-region deployments more easily than CloudFormation.

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