DMS from Aurora to Redshift


Customer has the following requirements.

  1. Getting new patient data file into S3 bucket.
  2. Loading patient data file into Aurora.
  3. Filtering rows based on criteria and storing them in separate file to place it in S3 bucket.
  4. Loading the selected records into Redshift which in turn will be visible through QuickSight.

In order to automate this process, we are making use of Lambda functions where in – a. Client will place new file in to S3 bucket. b. This will trigger Lambda function which will load this file into Aurora c. Using filtration criteria selected rows will be copied into new file. This file will be placed into S3 bucket d. A new Lambda function will load this file into Redshift.

I was thinking about using DMS to directly replicate the data from Aurora into Redshift. Is this possible? is there any model or use case available to validate this? If no, is there any advise on how to achieve this from the DB perspective?

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DMS supports both Aurora as a source and Redshift as a target. When using Redshift as a target, DMS uses an intermediate S3 bucket, where changes are stored before they are loaded into Redshift. The size of the file that triggers a load into Redshift can be customized as specified in

answered 5 years ago

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