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new Lambda Function URL with Terraform


I have noticed the new Function URL for lambdas that have just been launched recently. I am interested to use this functionality as it will be a cost-saver for us. However, I have not found any way to add it to integrate it into our terraform files. the tutorial here uses all other services but terraform. If you have any idea how and if it can be done, I will be grateful.


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Accepted Answer

You can use the aws_lambda_function_url resource in Terraform, something like this:

resource "aws_lambda_function_url" "function" {
    function_name      = aws_lambda_function.function.function_name
    authorization_type = "NONE"

You can find more information in the documentation:

answered 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago

This blog article does a nice end-to-end walkthrough of creating a lambda function url resource with Terraform including the provider block, aws_lambda_function_url resource and dependencies:

answered 5 months ago

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