Do Amazon AWS EC2 Free tier have a Bandwidth Limit?


I have recently started using Amazon Free Tier where i get 12 months free to use Amazon Elastic Block Storage of 30Gb, 2000000 I/Os with EBS magnetic and 1 GB of snapshot storage.

After using it for a month , when i checked my bill, i have been charged with $0.79 ~ ₹65.09 (Exchange Rate - 82.394588) ,

Full details here :

Bandwidth $0.66

$0.000 per GB - data transfer in per month 49.898 GB $0.00

$0.000 per GB - data transfer out under the monthly global free tier40.281 GB $0.0

$0.000 per GB - regional data transfer under the monthly global free tier0.521 GB $0.00

$0.090 per GB - first 10 TB / month data transfer out beyond the global free tier7.330 GB $0.66

Is there a bandwidth limit in AMazon EC2 free tier, because there is no mentioning realted to Bandwidth, an if there is a limit in Bandwidth in Amazon EC2 Free tier, please give me information relating to the same.

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Hi There

Data Transfer from AWS Regions to the Internet is now free for up to 100 GB of data per month (up from 1 GB per region). This includes Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, and so forth. Also keep in mind that your free usage under the AWS Free Tier is calculated each month across all regions.

The $0.66 charge you are seeing is data transfer OUT from your VPC to the internet. After 100GB, you are charged $0.90/GB. So you have used a total of 107.330GB of data transfer, and you are only being charged for the 7.330GB beyond the free tier.


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answered 2 months ago
  • But i didn't understand, if i am getting 100gb of data per month, then after adding the data (49.898+40.281+0.521+7.330) gb is 98.03gb of data which is less than the required amount of data per month. Am I missing here something?

  • The free tier is Data Transfer OUT of 100GB meaning out to the internet from S3, your VC, etc. The 49.898 is DATA TRANSFER IN which is always free, and does not count towards free tier. 0.521 is Regional data transfer, meaning data transferred between AWS regions. This does not count toward your DATA TRANSFER OUT free tier. You may need to look at your other charges to find the additional charges. Remember, the 100GB out is aggregate across ALL regions. So the 40.281 might be just a single region.

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