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My understanding of one of the benefits of IoT Sitewise is you can model a specific machine type, and then use that same model across your fleet of machines. If you have two machines that use separate units of measurement, then you can use a Transform in the model to make them consistent. Assuming my understanding is accurate, my scenario is for Waterjet Cutters where one device reports temperature in Fahrenheit and the other in Celsius. My goal is to have the output from SiteWise be a single Property called Temperature and that all values will be Fahrenheit.

To go about this, I tried to create a Measurement called Temperature with the Unit of Fahrenheit. I then also created a Transform with the name Temperature and the unit of Fahrenheit. The idea is if the Asset is already using Fahrenheit, then I would Enable the Measurement and Disable the Transform. If the Asset is instead using Celsius, then I would disable the Measurement and Enable the Transform. That doesn't work as SiteWise reports the names across Measurements and Transforms must be unique. Outside of that approach, I am not sure how to accomplish what I am trying to do and the documentation doesn't cover this type of scenario. Do I need different models for different unit of measurement?

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Hi Jerkstore. Maybe this approach works for you? Each asset can set the Unit attribute to the right value so that the transform does what's needed.

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