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AMP emails using AWS SES


What are the steps/procedure to send a dynamic email (AMP emails) using AWS SES.

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From a sending perspective, you can think of AMP as an advanced way to compose a message, which you can send just like any other message with the SES API. Your AMP content may link to web resources in your AWS account, via CloudFront, or however you choose to design it.

From a receiving perspective, each mailbox provider will have requirements in order to receive and display your AMP-enhanced email. These requirements may include:

  • Your domain's DMARC policy must be p=quarantine or p=reject
  • Your messages must pass SPF or DKIM, and the MAIL FROM domain or DKIM domain must be aligned to the domain in the From header
  • You might need to have a multi-month history of sending a substantive volume of DMARC aligned email and have a low level of spam complaints from recipients
  • You might need to subscribe to feedback loop processes for the provider (typically referred to as "Postmaster Tools")
  • You need to have a List-unsubscribe header and efficiently honor requests to unsubscribe to keep spam complaints low
answered 3 months ago

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