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Hi, i had for testing purposes a Workspace instance running. Now i tried to remove the directory . When i want to delete the directory i need to delete first the networkcards. When i try to detach the card it says "Error detaching network interface
eni-abcdefg: You do not have permission to access the specified resource.".
When i try to delete the security group it says:
"Note that the following security groups cannot be deleted:
These security groups are associated with one or more network interfaces. Delete the network interfaces, or associate them with different security groups. View your network interfaces.
sg-1234- d-abcfeg_controllers"

So what can i do?

Best wishes,

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Hi Robert,

In order to delete the ENIs and security groups used by the directory, you need to delete the directory first. If you receive an error deleting a directory then please make sure that no AWS applications are enabled for the directory by following the steps in this link:

After deleting the directory, you should be able to delete the ENIs and security groups belonging to the directory.


answered 4 years ago

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