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EC2-Classic is reaching the end of its life, but we still have some EC2-Classic instances. I am now unable to find a way to view my EC2-Classic security group and Elastic IPs in order to migrate them. Is there still any way to migrate EC2-Classic security groups and Elastic IPs to a VPC?

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EC2 Classic has been disabled effective August of 2022. While resources should no longer be available at this time, I have still provided the following notes for utilities used to migrate Classic workloads.

You may find the following EC2 Classic Resource Finder tool helpful for your mentioned situation. You can download the Python script in the previous link and execute it from any CLI meeting the minimum IAM permissions seen in the README.md file included. This script can be executed by an IAM user on a CLI or from an EC2 instance with a profile attached including the permissions. Ensure this is run from the account containing your resources and that

This guide goes more in-depth with many of the considerations and options you have as far as tools go. There is also an AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC Systems Manager runbook that can be utilized to simplify the process even further after finding your remaining resources.

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  • Thank you for your reply. It seems like 'move-address-to-vpc' may work for me. However, when I ran this command, I received an error that said "To migrate an Elastic IP address, it must not be associated with an instance." I believe it will be successful after I stop the instance.

    Unfortunately, 'AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC' does not work for me as our instance is a paravirtual instance, but this tool only supports HVM instances.

    Therefore, I think I need to migrate the security groups manually, but I am unable to view the current security group.

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