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Example 1 create an Aws code commit pipeline with Aws cloudformation


Am trying to complete that tutorial on codepipeline and when I create a stack in cloud formation , using the provided appspec.yaml file, i get the error that says “ Template format error: at least one resources member must be defined” and it won’t let me upload the file. What did I miss ? How can I resolve it please ?

  • Could you share a link to the tutorial you're following?

1 Answer

AppSpec files aren't CloudFormation deployables, they're for the CodeDeploy service/agent to process. See for more information on AppSpec files.

If the tutorial is directing you to launch a template with CloudFormation, check you're using the right file; a CloudFormation template will have AWSTemplateFormatVersion specified near the top of the file, and Resources will be a map rather than a list.

answered 6 months ago

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