Where can I found the uri of my Bucket to connect my Symfony application with S3 and upload files?


I need to upload files from my Symfony application to my Bucket, but I need to know the upload url and prefix data:

uri_prefix and upload_destination

Where can I see this data from my Bucket?

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The notes in this documentation should help

answered 9 months ago
  • Thank you very much Kevin for your comment, I really appreciate it a lot 🙏🏻

    I had already taken a look at that guide, but I was a bit confused because in that guide they show the url pointing to a key-name (to an already existing object). Ex:

    "Virtual-hosted–style access:" https://bucket-name.s3.Region.amazonaws.com/key-name

    ...Amazon S3 virtual-hosted-style URLs use the previous format, but I need the format to upload files...

    Or it can be enough simply with: https://bucket-name.s3.Region.amazonaws.com/ ... Skipping the "key-name" ?

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