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No Internet access from instance in VPC to Internet



I have a new instance with one Elastic IP assigned and I am not able to access the Internet. I have looked at many post detailing similar problems and from what I can tell, I have configured correctly. DNS seems to be resolving, but I am unable to ping or seemingly access the Internet. ACL is set to allow all outbound traffic. What am I doing wrong?

Instance: i-0e91522238e28c5b5
Security group: sg-0f4a60a4c2d20d8ae
VPC: vpc-e0618187
Internet gw: igw-28b72f4c
Network ACL: acl-bebf2bd9
Routing table: rtb-a94e09ce

asked 2 years ago37 views
2 Answers

Hey there,
Since your ACL and Security Group allow all outbound traffic, you can check the OS-level firewall to see if your windows resource is blocking requests. You can also enable VPC flow logs to have logs of all the requests leaving and coming into your VPC in order to have visuals if traffic is leaving instance or VPC and coming back.

Best regards

answered 2 years ago

Specifically had issues with returning ICMP traffic and HTTP return traffic, determined to be problem with dynamic ports. NACL Ingress rules added for ICMP and the Windows dynamic port range (49152-65535), thus enabling outbound traffic from the instance.

answered 2 years ago

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