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Amazon Workspaces 5.0 Client issues?


Our organization has recently started deploying the 5.0 release of the Amazon Workspaces Desktop Client (specifically the Windows version, and most if not all of the Workspaces are running on PCoIP, in case it is relevant). Since doing so, we have noticed an increase in users having issues with their USB devices functioning properly in Amazon Workspaces. This primarily is manifesting as issues where their USB headsets will not be recognized after only a few minutes into their session, but we have been noticing it is causing strange issues with users' keyboards as well where the Caps Lock and Num Lock will not behave as expected inside of Amazon Workspaces despite working just fine on the host PC.

The keyboard issue has only started cropping up in any sort of noticeable numbers since the 5.0 client has begun deployment in our organization earlier this month. The headset issues are something that we are used to seeing, but have historically been able to resolve with standard troubleshooting methods such as adjusting the audio settings on the host PC, making sure that the user is not muted inside or outside of Amazon Workspaces, repairing the client and driver installations, restarting the Windows Audio Service inside and outside of Amazon Workspaces, rebooting the workspace and/or local PC, etc.

Typically, if those steps don't resolve the issue, we can point to a user's slow or unstable internet connection as a likely culprit or narrow it down to a hardware issue with the headset or PC. Since we started deploying the 5.0 Amazon Workspaces client, however, we have seen many more users having issues with their headset dropping out and not being recognized by the workspace client despite us replacing the hardware and confirming that they have exceptional internet speeds.

We are starting to roll back users who have issues to the last stable build as a short-term fix, but I haven't seen much being mentioned about this outside of my IT organization and was wondering if others have noticed the same issues? There seem to be some bugs with the USB handling in this release based on the way the problems are manifesting.

  • We are having the same keyboard issues. The Num Lock and Caps Lock will become reversed from the PC's operating system, so if the user has the Caps turned on (light illuminated on keyboard), it will be off in Workspaces. Restarting the workspace client can sometimes fix it temporarily.

asked 2 months ago161 views
2 Answers

Thanks for reaching out. We are not aware of any bugs in the new version of the client. I suggest you open a support case so we can gather more information and resolve your issue.

answered 2 months ago
  • We have been having the keyboard (num & caps lock) issue for the past couple releases.


We are also experiencing headset issues with version 5.x. USB headsets will intermittently stop working. Closing and restarting Workspaces will temporarily fix it.
We have found that switching to the 32 bit version avoids the issue.

answered a month ago

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