Problem with AWS Elemental MediaLive Workflow Wizard


I'm getting some errors when I try to do a live stream using MediaLive. In MediaLive, I have MP4 input (stored in public s3) and MediaPackage configured as the destination. I created three end-points for MediaPackage (HLS, DASH, and CMAF). I used MediaLive Workflow Wizard to configure/set up the workflow as shown below:

Enter image description here

When I started the workflow, I got the following alerts from MediaLive Channel: Enter image description here

Also when I tried to open the HLS playlist or DASH MPD, I got a 404 error.

For debugging purposes, I've given full access to the IAM role that is associated with the channel.

Any idea on what I'm missing?

asked 4 months ago63 views
1 Answer

Please check your IAM role defined for Media Live. It should have permission for media package at least action for List*, Describe*, Create*, Delete*

answered 4 months ago

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