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/From where data transfer going to be performed/

From where data transfer going to be performed



I am starting to use AWS S3 standard storage service for my web application . I'm concerned at this point by data transfer costs because we are not transferring any data outside to AWS or to internet then why we are getting charge of data transfer out cost? I also want to know data transfer's origination and how can i reduced its cost? Please refer the below as example in which we getting $17.66 charge for data transfer cost in May month 2022. so tell me how it is calculated on what basis? And is it possible Data Transfer Costs with content download from website - S3 ?

Bandwidth $17.66 $0.000 per GB - data transfer in per month 16.271 GB $0.00 $0.000 per GB - data transfer out under the monthly global free tier 100.000 GB $0.00 $0.000 per GB - regional data transfer under the monthly global free tier 0.008 GB $0.00 $0.090 per GB - first 10 TB / month data transfer out beyond the global free tier 196.192 GB $17.66

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The S3 data transfer happens from the region the S3 bucket is at. Even though S3 appears as a Global service in the Console it's not. So if you go to the S3 Console you will see in the list a column with the S3 bucket region.

I probably need some more details on your specific use case but it seems most of the charges are from regional data transfer that means you probably created the S3 in a different region than where you're running your services.

answered a month ago


Cost Usage Reports are a great way to understand your S3 costs. You should go through following link which details billing for S3. In particular refer the section for usage reporting Your bill & cost usage reports will provide the breakdown of the costs. The metrics will show whether the data transfer costs is from data going to internet or others.

As always leverage tags for your buckets so you can identify and map the costs. In order to understand how the bucket is getting used, leverage Storage lens. Storage lens has usage metrics which are free and activity metrics have a nominal fee of 20 cents per 1 million objects (refer to s3 pricing for details). Considering the data you get out of these metrics and the 15 month history, it is recommended to turn on. Activity metrics will tell you how your bucket is utilized. Here's a great blog to learn more about it:

If you want to dive deeper on the activity then turn on CloudTrail and S3 Server logs. You can find out what's the difference in activity reporting available from each.

Overall leverage the tools to dive deeper into the S3 usage to understand the access pattern to optimize your cost.

answered a month ago

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