Configure CodeWhisperer with Identity Center which is not in N. Virginia region


Hi, I'm trying to configure CodeWhisperer for my organization. We already use IAM Identity Center in our organization in the eu-central-1 region. When I’m trying to enable CodeWhispere in the management console, I get the message that it’s not supported in my region and I need to change to N. Virginia region. After changing the region, I try to set up CodeWhisperer for my enterprise, but I always get the message “CodeWhisperer requires IAM Identity Center”. Which is already set up in another region and I don't want to move my Identity Center to N. Virginia region.

I read the FAQ about region availability, which says: “CodeWhisperer is AWS Region agnostic and available to developers worldwide. CodeWhisperer is currently hosted in IAD (the US East (N. Virginia) Region). If you have IAM Identity Center in other regions (non-IAD), as a CodeWhisperer Professional administrator you can configure CodeWhisperer as an authorized cross-region application.”

Does anybody know how to configure CodeWhisperer as an authorized cross-region application?

Thank you for your help!

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Hello, you need to login as CodeWhisperer Administrator and complete the steps outlined below.

Following doc provides instructions for creating a CodeWhisperer Administrator.

answered a year ago
  • Hello, thank you for your answer. I logged in as CodeWhisperer Administrator and followed the steps. But when I'm trying to set up CodeWhisperer I still get the message "Before setting up - CodeWhisperer requires IAM Identity Center...". This prevents me from getting into the Codewhisperer settings.


Hello, Please make sure that CodeWhisperer service is enabled in the organization's management account where your IAM Identity Center is configured. As the document mentions you can configure CodeWhisperer as an authorized cross-region application but both CodeWhisperer and IAM Identity center must be in the same account i.e your organization's management account.

answered a year ago

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