Deployment of specific 3D Editing Apps on Appstream 2.0


A customer wants to deploy the following Apps to Appstream 2.0

  1. Aveva PDMS
  2. Tekla
  3. Bentley Staad
  4. Bentley SACS
  5. Autodesk Navisworks
  6. Truview
  7. Autospool

Wanted confirmation from Appstream AoDs if the above s/w are compatible with Amazon Appstream 2.0 and any caveats to using it e.g. licensing etc.

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There isn't a "Works on AppStream" program today - I've installed Bentley Applications and Aveva PDMS

Not just for this list, but for any applications ask what are the requirements of the applications in terms of OS, or graphics h/w? Do the applications run on Windows Server OSes today (win2012R2, 2016, 2019)? Likely they do - in which case, the applications will run on AppStream. If they're supported on Windows 10 only then likely they will run on a server OS - check with the application vendor/customer. Adobe for example have good guidance here ( If its older applications that require Windows 7 or earlier then we can work with the likes of Droplet Computing or Cloudhouse to allow the application to be run in an AppStream environment.

What are the licensing requirements for the applications today? Many CAD applications require a license server to be available to check out licenses for use: this would be the same for the application when hosted on AppStream. AppStream instances are 1:1 for users - it is not a shared instance model. If the user has a license file for the user - store it on the user's profile ( or in their home folder ( - both are available as persistent storage areas for users using AppStream. If you need a physical dongle/device to validate the license - that's going to be more fun. There is an AppStream Windows Client that allows USB device redirection that could help.

answered 3 years ago

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