Application not loading in Windows Server


I'm trying to run a dedicated server using Windows Server 2019. When I tell the server application to begin it gets stuck on a loading screen and never starts. Any ideas?

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Hi Automatic, I understand you are trying to run a dedicated Windows Server 2019, server application is stuck at the loading page and does not start. Please correct me if i misunderstood.

To further understand the issue with your instance I would recommend taking a screenshot of your instance, using a link[1] below. The potential causes could be OS boot issues or might be with the application, you can use task manager to verify the size of the application or what applications could be using up more CPU. I have included link more information on the common issues and troubleshooting steps click on the link[2].

I hope the above information is helpful.

Reference links: [1] [2]

answered 6 months ago

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