EC2 instance Compute Optimizer found that this instance's Memory is under-provisioned.


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One of my ec2 machine is memory under provisioned. Just wanted to know that what is the threshold value by default where instance say under provision or over provision. How much memory should be free for instance to run normally. Suggest any references to understand the limits where this under/over provisions trigger for instances

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The threshold at which an EC2 instance is considered under-provisioned or over-provisioned can vary depending on the instance type and the workload running on the instance. However, a general guideline is to ensure that there is enough free memory for the operating system and applications to function efficiently, without experiencing excessive swapping or out-of-memory errors.

For Linux-based EC2 instances, the free command can be used to view the amount of free memory. The free command displays the total, used, and free memory in kilobytes (KB), along with the amount of memory used for caching and buffers. You can use this information to determine the amount of free memory on your instance and whether it is under-provisioned.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to keep at least 10% of the total memory available as free memory for the operating system and applications to function efficiently. However, this can vary depending on the workload and applications running on the instance.

There are several factors that can impact memory usage on an EC2 instance, including the number of applications running, the size of the datasets being processed, and the memory requirements of individual applications. To determine the optimal amount of memory for your workload, you should monitor memory usage over time and adjust the instance type or size as needed.

Here are a few references that can help you understand the memory limits and thresholds for EC2 instances:

Amazon EC2 Instance Types:

Best practices for running applications on Amazon EC2:

Monitoring memory usage for Amazon EC2 Linux instances:

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