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EC2 instance fails to fully start - fails Instance Status Check



I have an EC2 instance which seems to have crashed recently. When trying to restart, it fails the Instance Status Health Check and we cannot connect to correct the issue. A new public IP address has been assigned but there's nothing changed in the firewall rules. We've also followed the troubleshooting guide and downloaded the system log, but nothing unusual there.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there's not really enough information to go on here. Please create a support case because our support team can help you troubleshoot this issue.

Note that we have documentation to help:

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answered 7 months ago
  • Looking further into the system log, it shows the original IP address even though this changed after reboot - we had not set an elastic IP (Instance ID is i-0047e658913bb7c02) .

    Creating a clone (i-0123f19b737b00af2) from the original does not help as it inherits the same IP address problem.

    I assume this is set in the /etc/hosts file but we have no way of changing unless we can get the instance started.

    Is there any other way we can wipe this? Perhaps create a new root volume and attach that to this system?

  • What you can do is create a new instance; mount the existing volume to that instance; edit the /etc/hosts file; then relaunch the (original) instance.

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