Connection Stalled while putting multiple file say more than 4 files at a time to an S3 bucket but the same is working fine with EC2.


Hi ,

we have a mirroring setup ( get and put the file between two server by comparing on the either side wherever missing) by using the perl module .

With Traditional Unix/linux server it is working good but when we try to use S3 for same file transfers it didn't worked at all. After multiple search got to know the below Change we have to do to make it work .

my $sftp = Net::SFTP::Foreign->new('', queue_size => 1);

we have added the above queue_size parameter in our code but it is working for very few files not more than 4 . If we try to put more files the connection starts stalling, the exact error is "Connection to remote server stalled" .

when we are using the EC2 username and URl for file transfer it is working fine with any number of files like as we are doing with Linux/unix Datacenter based server.

I want to know why S3 is not working properly . what is the difference between S3 and AWS .

we have Network Packet capture done but no issue found as no packet loss was there .

please help.

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