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Please add support for .koeln & .cologne TLDs


Well, title says everything already really.

I posted about this a couple years ago already on the old forums and nothing has happened since so I am posting again here.

Maybe we get something this time 🤞

2 Answers

Hello, thank you for reaching out.

I understand that you are requesting support for the ".koeln" and ".cologne" TLD registrations on Route 53.

Route 53 Domains is currently directly accredited with .com, .net, and .org registries. All other TLDs are provided via third party registrar associates. To improve our level of service and support, we are actively working to become directly accredited with all other TLDs. In addition to improving our existing offering, we will become accredited with other registries to expand our TLD catalog. This work is currently in progress. We do not currently have dates to share for adding new TLDs.

You can monitor the updates here at AWS Blogs - and what's new on AWS -

answered a month ago

Well, i guess that is at least a tiny bit more progress than the post on the old forum achieved.


answered 24 days ago

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