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We are using AWS Grafana from our AWS accounts and we see that the current version is 8.4. We know there are more recent Grafana versions available. We have some custom integrations with Grafana via the REST API and we'd like to know what is the AWS process to upgrade Grafana if version, if any, so we can detect in advance any possible change that could impact our integrations. For example, if Grafana is periodically updated, if there are notifications for this, etc.

Thanks in advance Luis

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Amazon Managed Grafana (AMG) is managed by AWS and currently manual upgrade of version is not possible from user's end. Your workspace will be automatically upgraded whenever there is a new version supported by AWS Managed Grafana.

Currently it's not possible to track the upcoming versions of AMG. To track the latest updates, you can refer the below link. It will also include latest version that are supported in AMG. [+].

answered 2 years ago
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  • It looks like on April 28 2023 AMG added Grafana version 9. This seems to be separate from version 8. I only see the option to create a new workspace in version 9. I do not see any option to upgrade an existing workspace from version 8 to version 9. Is it possible to upgrade the version on an existing workspace?


Thanks for your swift reply. This is what I was looking for.

So in summary, I guess we won't be able to know when Grafana version has been upgraded until it is done. I see we can subscribe to the RSS feed of the provided page, at least to know when AMG has been upgraded with some new feature, including supporting new Grafana versions. Probably not the best option, hopefully new Grafana upgrades will be compatible with our current integrations. I miss some option to freeze Grafana versions in our workspaces (or at least allow only minor upgrades, etc, like for the RDS).

Thanks again, best regards

answered 2 years ago

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