How to return all records with a single AWS AppSync List Query?


Hi all, my AWS AppSync list query is not returning all the records from DynamoDB table after applying a filter.

For context, I have a table with all major Cities with approximately 250k records. When I filter the table to show only cities in, for example, United Kingdom, the query does not return all records because AppSync will limit the scan operations to 10 items. If I then add a limit variable of 1,000 to the query I get less than 1,000 cities in the UK. It appears that the query first applies the limit before the filter and not the other way round for some reason...

I know I could use the next token as outline in AppSync Query Returns Wrong Item Numbers AWS Blog. However this means I'll have to perform multiple calls. Is there a way to return all filtered cities with a single AppSync query? Thanks in advance!

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I thought of sharing my approach to this, I used a Global Secondary Key (GSI) in the CITY table so I could query the cities by country_code (see below). I then used pagination to gather the remaining cities since the API does not return more than 1MB of data. I really like this video from YouTube that explains the difference between Scan and Query for those that are just getting started.

type CITY @model {
id: ID!
country_code: String! @index(name: "byCountry", queryField: "listCitiesbyCountry")
name: String!
code: String!
state: String
answered 2 years ago

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