Amazon WorkMail unable to send Outgoing Email


Hi, I am having the issue with my WorkMail account, Can you please share the solution or help me fix this issue?

***Error: " You are currently not allowed to send this e-mail. Please try again later.

2022-08-15 09:15:30 : An error occurred while trying to deliver the mail to the following recipients:

Technical report:

Final-Recipient: rfc822; "***

I am using WorkMail US West (Oregon) - us-west-2 .

I am using a custom domain with all verified DNS records and Route53 is also configured.

Previously we had an issue on sending limit, but the support already resolved the issue and suppose we are able to send the email again. However, we still cannot send outgoing email from WorkMail even the case already solved.

I have checked all the settings and Health Dashboard and there is no problem. But still I got this error.

Our account alias is

Can you please help?

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with sending mail via AWS WorkMail. I took a look at your account and it seems there is a problem with that. Some leaked credentials caused a automatic lock which prevents you to do anything with your AWS account.

Once that is resolved mail should start working again.

Kind regards, Robin

answered a year ago
  • May I know when this issue will be resolved? We need to use the email ASAP.

  • Hi, You will need to take action on this your self, this page contains instructions to resolve such cases.

    • Robin
  • We have performed the actions as suggested at the page. However, we still unable to send outgoing email. Any ideas why?

  • Hi, if after going through all steps in the knowledge base article and your account is still locked, I suggest to reach out to AWS support for this.


  • My support is only basic. That's why I reach here to ask for help

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