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Usage of enforcedMatches in Find Incremental Matches


There is a field with the key: enforcedMatches in FindIncrementalMatches function of AWS Glue 2.0

It is mentioned in AWS Docs | FindIncrementalMatches.apply but there is no implementation example for this. It expects a data frame but how does it effect the output?


I passed the existing source of data hoping that it will re-use the match_id from the previous result and enforce the matches but that did not work. The prior thread is: AWS Question on FindincrementalMatches


What is the purpose and usage of enforcedMatches in FindIncrementalMatches?

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Hello Fahad,

The enforcedMatches parameter in FindIncrementalMatches.apply function is taking a DynamicFrame as an input which is being used to override the matches if a user is providing any other labels. The DynamicFrame should be a labelled DynamicFrame which supports AWS Glue i.e. the header should include LABEL, LABELING_SET_ID. This parameter is just an override if a user is to provide a source other than the labels. So, unless there is an external label set to enforce here, you don’t need do change anything. Default value is null; it as can be left as null or omitted. If you are using the ML transform generated labels, the parameter can be ignored.

The option “Force output to match labels” in the ML Transform should be set to true when using the enforcedMatches parameter. This ensures that the ML Transform forces the output to match the labels provided by the user.

answered 14 days ago

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