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/AWS Nitro Enclave instance does not have public ipv4 address/

AWS Nitro Enclave instance does not have public ipv4 address


I have created an AWS ENclave enabled instance using the command

aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-<id> --count 1 --instance-type c5.2xlarge --key-name key_file_without_extension --region us-east-1 --enclave-options 'Enabled=true' --subnet-id subnet-<id>

But I cannot see a public IPv4 address though it has a private IPv4 address How to ssh in to this instance ? how to assign a public IPv4 address?

1 Answers

Have you launched the instance in a subnet that automatically assigned a public IP address? If not, you'll need to specify that you want a public IP assigned during instance launch.

answered a month ago
  • Launched using the wizard not sure what s the subnet is

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