How can I appeal out of sand box rejection? and what is verified email??



I have a small business. We have our own website which was under construction for many years : we didn't have time to update, especially for last 2 years of pendemic. Mean time, we have sold our products on Etsy, and we became super seller.

Now we are re-making our website again, and we decided to use SES for email. However our request for out of sandbox was rejected even though we're not obviously not spammer.

Below are what I responded to Amazon. Can you let me know what I made mistake, and how to appeal? I can't find any link to request out of sandbox again, or appeal. we will launce our new site in one month, so if we can't be out of sandbox, I need to find other service.

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how often you send email: we expect to get 40 orders a day in few months. So we will email about 120 emails a day . 40 emails: order confirmation 40 email: tracking information when we ship customer order 40 email: ask review or if there is something we can do better We will also email to customers who recently purchased our plants or kits for instruction how to take care them. We will also email customers a coupon before holiday season.

how you maintain your recipient lists: First of all, we have very healthy email recipient list of more than 4,000 customers. However we will use a service to verify if our recipient list is healthy to prevent any bounce. And We're going to use FluentCRM plugin for our woocommerce website. When customer unsubscribe, it will automatically delete the customer from our list.

Because they subscribed to get all information and coupon, there is no reason they will complaint. However we will make easy for customers to unsubscribe whenever they want.

Thank you.

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In the reply, I forgot to mention where we got 4,000 email list. We got the email address from signup form from customers in our website.

Question2. By the way, under sandbox mode, It says that we can send to only verified email address. However I wonder what is verified email address.

Let say, I made 2 verified accounts on SES. So, under sandbox mode, I can only send email between the 2 emails address?? Is it what Amazon call verified email address, which is basically my own email address? Or, even in sandbox mode, can we send email to or

Thank you.

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