RDS Snapshot stuck in Creating 0% state in Singapore Region


I'm trying to restore a MySQL database from RDS Snapshots in the Singapore region and all the instances which I have created for restore are stuck in creating snapshots stage.
can anyone from AWS look into this issue?

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2 Answers

The snapshot you are restoring has a corrupted innodb log file.
I was able to allow the most recent restore request to complete by disabling the innodb_log_checksums.

I'd suggest you dump a backup of your data and import it back into a fresh database. It is not clear what the source of the corruption may have been.


answered 4 years ago

Hi Phil,
I was getting same issue again can you someone from AWS can help to restore the the snapshot which I have trying to restore.
this time I will take backup and create a new instance as suggested

answered 3 years ago

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