Can send but not receive email from AWS workmail.


Hi, I can send mail fine from workmail but I am unable to receive anything. When I try sending email to the account I created under my domain from gmail or outlook it seems to be successfully sent from their side but I am not receiving those email. I couldnt find anything in cloud watch as well

  • In Route 53, I have only one MX record and it points to
  • In SES, I have only one inbound rules create automatically by WorkMail which has Receiptent Conditions as,
  • In WorkMail, I have the Default WorkMail Rule access control
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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with receiving mail. I checked your domain and its missing most of the important domain records. The main MX record is one of them. The MX record that you currently have is for the mail from and used to provide feedback from the mail systems. Its not used to receive mail.

I recommend that you create all domain records that the WorkMail domain details page provides. More information can be found on this documentation page

Kind regards, Robin

answered 2 years ago

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