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FPGA F1 bucket availability


Hi everyone!

My question is how can I make available the content of my FPGA image bucket available for other users, so they will be able to use my compiled FPGA image in their EC2 instances?

Thanks for your answer in advance!

3 Answers

Hi! Good question.

As others have commented, it is possible to make an image public and available for all users, but be careful and think through the security implications of making such an image public.

For security considerations, check out this AWS Guide as well:

Another option is to only share this with specific users via an explicit share where you can share with designated other AWS Accounts:

If you're looking to share an S3 Bucket and all the contents, there are multiple different ways of doing so, but they will require a combination/some of the following:

answered 7 months ago
  • Thanks for you answer! If my S3 bucket is public, can everyone reach it out from all the regions or only from my region?



You can find details on public AMI here :

Be careful your AMI will be publicly available for anyone.


answered 7 months ago


You can share AFI's with different AWS accounts using the modify-fpga-image-attribute EC2 API. Examples are added in the documentation on github here and the official AWS CLI EC2 API documentation for modify-fpga-image-attribute

If you are looking at sharing your DCP's that are stored in an S3 bucket, there are multiple ways of solving this based on your requirements. For eg, if you want to share it with other IAM users in your account or if you want to temporarily share an object, an easy way is to use a pre-signed URL. You might also want to go through the S3 User Guide as it should have all the methods for S3 access in all details.


answered 7 months ago

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