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S3 Integration Oracle RDS and DMS



Im trying out a migration approach where a oracle database backup has been exported to an S3 bucket.

I created my target Oracle RDS instance with S3 Integration option. I Imported the oracle dump from S3 using S3 integration import command and run data pump to restore the database to my target Oracle RDS. I then run DMS to sync the delta from the source database using an SCN starting point which was provided after the dump was created.

So far it looks good and my Oracle RDS is able to sync the delta changes after the dump was created. I used a small database data for this demo.

I want to get some insights on this approach and if you would still recommend using DMS when importing data from S3 instead of S3 integration? I like how this approach I used where I never have to manually create table objects. It would be good if someone can point out some AHAs! I might be missing? or was there someone who did a similar approach before on a production environment?? thanks

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I believe it is good to use db dump to create Oracle db schema because DMS is using minimalist approach, so it doesn't create all schema structures that you will need. Then using DMS to sync data, for Oracle db make sure that you replicate all applications schemas (developers tend to create multiple schemas for an application) and in case of 12c or later versions make sure that all pluggable databases used by the application are migrated.

answered 2 years ago

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