xml file not read/writable in aws hosting of .net core project


I am stuck with aws. I have a .Net core project which read and write data in xml files. This works perfectly in local. But when I am publishing my project in AWS(linux env via elasticbean) then all the pages are working and visible except where read and write of xml files is required. At that point I am getting the below error message:

{"StatusCode":500,"Message":"Internal Server Error. Error generated by NLog!"}

The zip source of aws also not showing the xml files. Is this is a bug in AWS or I am doing something wrong? Shall I place the xml files inside the wwwroot folder or anywhere else. Please help as I am searching for the solution from hours. And where I can see the complete error details.

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answered 3 years ago

I got the answer by default aws bundle do not include xml files. So you have to explicitly right on the xml file and set it to Copy.

answered 3 years ago

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