SES Open and Click Tracking Not Working


I am trying to publish OPEN/CLICK Events to SNS, But I dont understand why i am not able to receive them. Other Events are working.

My Implementation:

  1. Created SNS Topic and Added HTTPS Endpoint.
  2. Created Configuration-Set and Added SNS to its Destination
  3. Configured My Email Server to Add the Header to handle Configuration-Set
  4. Able to receive notifications for Sent / Delivered Events Except (Click / Opened).
  5. My Email is of Content Type : multipart/alternative; which has both html and plain;
  6. Used Amazon Default Domain for tracking.
  7. It is not creating the pixel for tracking aswell..


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Because you DKIM-signed the email before sending it, SES cannot alter the content for open & click tracking. If you want to track end-user engagement using open & click events, you need to stop DKIM-signing the messages before sending them and rely on your existing Easy DKIM setup in SES.


answered 5 years ago

Hello, i disabled DKIM signings, and still can't get Opened/Clicked notifications, while delivery/bounce/complaint notifications are coming. What should i try ?

edit: sorry, i forgot the X-SES-CONFIGURATION-SET header.

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answered 4 years ago

I have the exact same issue, except that my endpoint for SNS is Lambda. I am receiving all events like send/delivery/bounce/complaints except open and clicks.

Do I have to disable DKIM signing from the SES interface? If so, then how will the DKIM signing of the mail happen?
"MessageId": "3b7f928c-d74e-5cae-bf93-c55c4038117c"


answered 3 years ago

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