How to move all files from one region to the other in S3


We are having huge amount of data in our S3 in a specific region we want to move all the data to a different location Is there any cost efficient way to achieve this outcome.

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Hi! There are lot of possible combinations to save money, i don't know which one suits you best.

  • Using S3 batch operations for Cross region replication.
  • Using AWS Data sync.
  • Use AWS CLI SYNC, if you have small amount of data
  • Can user snowball for large amount of data transfer.
  • Using Privatelink with storage gateway and s3 endpoint for data transfer.

Obviously, transferring data inside aws is cheaper than transferring through local file system. There can be more of these like shifting storage classes, or create a gateway between VPCs for direct access. etc.

Hope this help.

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answered a year ago

I am unsure what you mean by "to a different location". If it is another AWS S3 bucket in a different region, you can check S3 cross region replication.

If it is a different location, you can checkout the AWS DataSync service. This can also be used to move data between different S3 buckets.

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answered a year ago
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