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CloudFormation Invalid PhysicalResourceID - how to fix?


Hi all, I am attempting to integrate an application I have running on The Things Stack into AWS IoT and keep running into issues on CloudFormation when trying to create the stack. It is always in the same place where the Logical ID column says Configuration, I get Status - CREATE_FAILED and Status Reason - Invalid PhysicalResourceId. I am led to believe that this is due to the cluster address being invalid, but how can that be when you select that cluster address from 1 of 3 pre-defined options?

For reference I am linking from and my app is running on eu1.

When I ran into an IoT issue on here before, the solution turned out to be to sign into eu-west-1 (Ireland) as opposed to eu-west-2 (London) so I have attempted that here as well but to no avail.

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I see this forum post on the things network. The answer there notes:

I solved this issue. The documentation for the nam1 cluster is outdated. There is no tenant ID and it is not “.industries” it is “” for your cluster addres[s]

I am not an expert in the service but that above forum post may be related to your issue. I recommend reaching out to The Things Stack for their deployment issues. However, in general, when using a CloudFormation's custom resource, the resource provider should be sending back a PhysicalResourceId.

This value should be an identifier unique to the custom resource vendor, and can be up to 1 KB in size. The value must be a non-empty string and must be identical for all responses for the same resource.

answered 19 days ago

Hi. Since you mentioned eu1, I take it you're using Things Stack Community Edition? ( is the EU cluster of the Community Edition.) If so, please ensure that you have selected Community when deploying the template. I think the user in the forum post that Taka_M has linked, probably picked Cloud when it should have been Community. Regardless, you need to pick the right deployment type to match your Things Stack account/deployment.

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answered 19 days ago

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